Questioning Beauty, Caring for Nature

In this year 2021 we offer in a unique way to intervene in the spaces of El Hacedor, both interior and exterior and we put in the center the flower, element of communication between the human being and the environment.

We think of the flower as a symbol of beauty, sensitivity and fragility; as a tentative and seductive product, of commerce and market; as a food or medicine, an ingredient for a drink or a garnish; the basis of a colour, a source of inspiration or observation.


Or as an object that smells, colours and decorates the house, the garden, the park, the roundabout; something that is born and dies, marks the passage of the seasons, of time.


The flower.


With this initiative we intend to raise awareness about the environment and the urgency of taking care of it, to invite people to think about our role, as human beings, in the relationship with our natural environment and to reflect upon the aesthetics of all this, the beauty or just the opposite, the ugliness, what makes our eyes uncomfortable, inside or outside the natural field.


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